by Wolfman And The Mutts

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It's a long way down, are you sure you want to go?
When it's over that's it, the show is about to end.

Oh going down
Oh a night on the town
Till you gotta land
Who are you gonna side with man?

Who is your ride home, does the world carry you 'round?
I hope you are satisfied, you could have a better seat.

Oh going down (why do you)
Oh going down (take others with you)
Oh going down (it's a choice you know)
Oh going down (going down down down)


released January 16, 2011
Rhythm Guitar: Trevor Holmes
Lead Guitar: Graham Vasquez
Bass Guitar: Graham Vasquez
Drums: Trevor Holmes
Keyboards: Graham Vasquez
Vocals: Trevor Holmes

Engineered, recorded, and written by Wolfman and the Mutts.

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Wolfman And The Mutts Bethlehem

Hello, we are "Wolfman and the Mutts."

Our band is a Rock and Roll style that is made up of three people, Trevor Holmes, Graham Vasquez, and Jake Horn.

Our influences derive from many bands, and many styles of music. Our distinct sound draws from the roots of rock and roll during the 50's, 60's and 70's, and that of blues, jazz, and reggae in that era.
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